Min height: 1.5m*
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One of the scariest rides in the UK! Be prepared to come face to face with a trapped miner, possessed by the Devil in this horrifying journey through an abandoned mine. A combined walk through and ride experience with live actors and stunning visual effects.

HoBs PiT has been developed by Pleasurewood Hills in conjunction with world renowned special effects expert Rob Ostir and voice actor Corey Burton. The pair, who usually work with theme parks in the USA such as Disney World and Universal Studios have been involved with movie blockbusters like 2012, Mars Attacks! and the Chronicles of Narnia, as well as most of Disney’s feature animations over the past two decades. – This collaboration has designed a ride – Hobs Pit – that has become one of the scariest indoor theme park attractions in the UK.

*1.5m minimum height required (recommended) & 12A Age Restriction. Younger guests can experience HoBs PiT when a disclaimer has been signed.