Min height: Unaccompanied 1.30m / Accompanied 1.00m
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Pirate Ship

No theme park would be complete without a pirate ship, and ours is aptly names Shiver M’Timbers. This firm favourite has earned its place in the ride hall of fame and, love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it. Weighing in at over 3¬†tonnes, this mighty sea adventurer swings up to 45 people at one time back and forth, back and forth. The ship goes higher as it gets into full swing and one of the oldest secrets of the sea is that the nearer the back you sit, the higher you go! Jump aboard and sail the sea, soon you’ll be singing “It’s the pirates life for me”.

The management reserve the right to withdraw or alter any of the facilities at anytime without prior notice. Guests are also informed that rides, shows and attractions may be closed, temporarily withdrawn or made otherwise unavailable at any time due to technical or operational reasons, capacity or inclement weather.