TV star Pelicans arrive at Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills Family Theme Park has become the home of two Great White Pelican’s. Also commonly known as the Eastern White Pelican which is the second largest species of all pelicans with a wingspan that can range from 2.5 to 3.5 meters, with a maximum weight of an adult male bird approaching 15kg.

Like most of the parrots and sea lions at Pleasurewood Hills, the pelican’s too have starred in many blockbuster movies, television shows and featured in advertisements. The new feathered friends will be appearing in ITV’s new drama series ‘The Durrells’, starring Keeley Hawes and James Cosmo. The Great White Pelican’s have recently spent 8 weeks in Corfu, Greece filming the new series and have arrived at the park for the summer season.

Great White Pelicans are usually found in and around shallow fresh water and well scattered groups of breeding pelicans can be found throughout Eurasia, from the eastern Mediterranean to Vietnam. Several large colonies are also present throughout Africa south of the Sahara desert. Brackish waters may also be inhabited and the species is commonly found in lakes, deltas and marshes with dense reed beds close by for nesting purposes.

The diet of the pelicans consist mainly of fish although they are opportunistic foragers and in many situations will eat the chicks of other birds and even pigeons,  as is the case with the group of great white pelicans living in St James Park in London.

Don’t forget to see then starring in our very own Sea Lion show here at the park.

pelican pleasurewood hills